What is Digital Analytics?

The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition, (2) to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have, (3) which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline) - Avinash Kaushik‚Äč

One of the reasons why digital marketing can be so powerful is because of its trackability and measurability. That is, the possibility to measure with a high degree of precision and almost in real time what is working and what not when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Being able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of each online marketing channel and each dollars spent on is possible in the online world. Much harder to do it in the offline world.

Over the years, one digital analytics tool in particular has been increasingly adopted by businesses of all sizes to track every type of users interactions on their website >> Google Analytics.

Let's start getting familiar with it.