RevoU Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing provides the best content to start learning about Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Welcome to RevoU Digital Marketing 101 guide

Our beginner's guide is written to both people entirely new to the world of digital marketing and the ones who already have some basic experience in the field.

We have written it by leveraging decades of professional experience of our instructors, who have been trained and mentored some of the best Digital Marketing teams in both Europe and Southeast Asia.

Regardless of your starting level, going through our beginner's guide is the best way to decide whether you will want to later apply to our Full Digital Marketing Program.

Let's get started!

Who is this guide for?

For anyone who:

  • wants to learn some key Digital Marketing concepts to put in practice in their existing job

  • wants to better understand whether a career in Digital Marketing is the right choice for them

  • wants to increase their chances of getting admitted to RevoU Full Program. We have very strict admission process for our Full Program to ensure we admit only the most motivated and capable students. Going through our reading material will greatly increase your chances of passing our admission process.